TQA025 : lovesliescrushing - Glinter

by TQA Records



1. lovesliescrushing - pt I (broken aureate echo) (20:50)
2. lovesliescrushing - pt II (she is above the clouds) (20:50)
3. lovesliescrushing - pt III (a bird flew to the sun) (23:05)

We are very proud to be releasing brand new lovesliescrushing material. Scott Cortez & Melissa Arpin-Duimstra deliver gorgeous washes of textured guitars & angelic ethereal vocals to create perfect dreamy summer drones. Everything was recorded in 2012.

Pt. I - Broken Aureate Echo
Pt. II - She Is Above The Clouds
Pt. III - A Bird Flew To The Sun

Stamped black bottom CDR, A7 silver envelopes, three 5"x7" prints & one vellum print. Each copy is handmade. Edition of 200.

If you don't know this band, do yourself a favor and read a bit about them - they've been around since the early 90s & they're one of TQA's biggest influences.

“Through their use of low tech means and focusing on the blending of guitar noise and electronic voice processing, Lovesliescrushing can be seen as the early ‘missing link’ between the likes of Slowdive and Fennesz...works that contain an element of sonic mystery and still sound timeless." - Richard Chartier LINE

"The duo known as Lovesliescrushing first came together in the early '90s, when vocalist Melissa Arpin and multi-instrumentalist Scott Cortez decided to try their hand at the emerging dream pop scene. They began to send out demo tapes of their bizarre, heavily layered music to labels until Projekt finally contacted the band about releasing a single. 1994's Your Eyes Immaculate was the result, a single that so impressed the label that a year later they released the full-length Bloweyelashwish. The album was a mix of ethereal textures, wordless female vocals, and repetitive droning that set them apart from many of the label's gothic artists. Cortez would speak out loudly about how the music was all formed from guitar sounds, something that he was proud of if only because he was accused so much of using keyboards on the album. The band was back the next year with Xuvetyn, another complicated album of lush sounds that moved the sound further in the direction of experimental music. But the band would drop off after promoting that album, working on a new studio album for years and years while still promising that they were together. They finally announced in 2001 that they were ready to edit and release the album, although the year went by without any news outside of that tidbit. The next year proved golden for fans: Arpin and Cortez remerged with a third album. Intricate and glossy, Glissceule was issued on Sonic Syrup in March 2002." - ALLMUSIC

"lovesliescrushing (often misspelled Loveliescrushing, and actually spelled with all lowercase characters) is a dream pop, lo-fi, ambient, noise band, that formed in the fall of 1991 in East Lansing, Michigan and later moved to Tucson, Arizona. The two primary members of the band are Scott Cortez (guitars, loops, treatments) and Melissa Arpin-Duimstra (vocals). Other musicians join the group for live performances. Auxiliary members have included Andrew Prinz, Alyssa Browne of Mahogany, and Michael Anderson Drekka." - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lovesliescrushing


released July 3, 2012



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